Ambrosia Dairy is acquired by Ornua

Ornua, former The Irish Dairy Board, acquired Ambrosia Dairy in the end of 2015.

Ornua is an agri-food commercial co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members, Ireland’s dairy processors and Irish dairy farmers. Headquartered in Dublin, it employs some 3,000 people globally and are responsible for circa 60% of Ireland’s dairy exports to over 100 countries with annualised sales of over €3 billion.

Ornua is the proud owner of the Kerrygold brand which is found in shops and homes around the world.  Its brand portfolio also includes Pilgrims Choice, Dubliner cheese, MU, and BEO, a popular milk powder sold in Africa. It has pre-packing and blending facilities located in Germany, the UK, the USA and the Middle East and extensive R&D experience, developing bespoke food ingredient solutions for many of the world’s major food manufacturers.

The acquisition will bring a lot of Ireland's professional dairy experience to Ambrosia's brand and products.